Our Projects 

Our projects are currently focusing on the connection between the application of ecopsychology theory and research to enhancing wellbeing of people and communities.

Project 1. Positive & Coaching Psychology

This is our first project. We are looking at how ecopsychology can be integrated within positive psychology and coaching psychology practice in order to enhance wellbeing of client groups. Education and wellbeing coaching can encourage people to spend time with Nature. Take a look at an article we wrote on this topic: Can ecopsychology research inform coaching and positive psychology practice?

Project 2. Health Education & Promotion

This project focuses on integrating ecopsychology research into health education and promotion. A key area in this field is to encourage the population to undertake regular ‘Green Exercise’. Green Exercise refers to physical activity or exercise, such as cycling, jogging, horse-riding, fishing, sailing or walking that occurs in the presence of nature, for example, the countryside or an urban park (see Pretty, Peacock, Sellens, & Griffin, 2005; Pretty, Peacock, Hine, Sellens, South, & Griffin, 2007; Barton & Pretty, 2010).

Project 3. Ecopsychology, Coaching Psychology & Positive Psychology Conference​: Watch this space!

We hope to organise a conference focusing on how ecopsychology research can inform coaching psychology and positive psychology practice. The article our Director, Prof Stephen Palmer authored highlights some of the issues involved: Can ecopsychology research inform coaching and positive psychology practice?