Can ecopsychology research inform coaching and positive psychology practice?

Abstract: This short paper focuses on how both coaching psychology and positive psychology practice can be informed by ecopsychology research. It argues that coaching and positive psychologists can promote relatively straightforward ecopsychological interventions to their client groups in order to enhance their wellbeing. A t the beginning of the last decade, both positive psychology and coaching psychology gradually became established internationally as two new branches of psychology. In these two fields, handbooks were published, journals and professional bodies set up, national and international conferences held, research units/centres established at universities around the world and postgraduate courses launched (see Palmer & Whybrow, 2007). The Australian Psychological Society, Interest Group in Coaching Psychology (APS IGCP) definition of coaching psychology highlights the link between these two branches of psychology: Coaching Psychology, as an applied positive psychology, draws on and develops established psychological approaches, and can be understood as being the systematic application of behavioural science to the enhancement of life experience, work performance and wellbeing for individuals, groups and organisations who do not have clinically significant mental health issues or abnormal levels of distress (APS IGCP, 2015). Both coaching and positive psychology have a focus on enhancing.

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