Ecopsychology Coaching & Ecocoaching

Ecopsychology coaching, sometimes known as ecocoaching, is an approach to coaching informed by evidence based ecopsychology research. It focuses on enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing through facilitating coachees to maximise the opportunities to undertake Green Exercise and other interventions involving the natural environment. The ecopsychologist assists the coachee in developing relevant goals, action plans and strategies (adapted Palmer, 2016). This can include tackling ecoanxiety.

Green Exercise refers to physical activity or exercise, such as cycling, jogging, horse-riding, fishing, sailing or walking that occurs in the presence of nature, for example, the countryside or an urban park (see Pretty, Peacock, Sellens, & Griffin, 2005; Pretty, Peacock, Hine, Sellens, South, & Griffin, 2007; Barton & Pretty, 2010).

Blue Exercise refers to physical activity or exercise in the presence of water such as lakes, rivers and the coast. Green and Blue Spaces are considered as important environments in ecopsychology research.

The ecocoach will also provide information about other relevant items. For example, ecopsychology research has found that green spaces inside offices or in urban environments can also enhance wellbeing and self-esteem.


Our ecopsychology informed coaches include Chartered Psychologists, Chartered Scientists, Chartered Biologists and Psychotherapists. As ecopsychologists they bring together research, theory and practice from various disciplines. Our service c